Sun God

Sun - God Occcupies the for most place in the Navagraha as He helps the world with His blistering radiance and allows the living beings to survive. Without Sun-God there would not be any light and water besides beautiful plantations. Realising this, man started worshipping the sun and moreover He can be visualized than perceived.

Navagraha is known to render good and bad effects on the human beings based upon their deeds. Navagraha makes sure that one cannot escape from the fate but at the same it reduces the malific effects to considerable extent. Devotees of lord Siva are spared from this.

In South India, there is a separate temple for Sun-God (the nine Planets) at Sooriyanar Koil where sun-god is a presiding deity and surrounded by other planet-gods

Time of Workship
In India worshipping Sun-God is from time immemorial (i.e) 4000years ago. There are references in Rig Vedha about the worship.

Tholkappium - a great monumental work in Tamil literature - was writer 2000 years before the birth of Christ.

There we find a sentence **​கொடிநி​லை கந்தழிவள்ளி** in which sun is reffered as **​​வெங்சுடர் மண்டலம்** known as Blazing Zone.

Elango Adigal wrote the Epic 'Silapathikaram' in the 2nd Centuary B.C. He had reffered the Sun Temple as **உச்சிக்கிழான் ​கோட்டம்** (Uchikalan Kottam). Moreover he had praised the Sun-God in the following lines.
To Quote

““ஞாயிறு ​போற்றுதும், ஞாயிறு ​போற்றுதும்
காவிரிநாடன் திகிரி ​போல் ​பொற்​கோட்டு
​மேரு வலம் திரிதலான்””

Through these two examples, one can be cock sure to say that TamilNadu was Pioner in worshipping sun god.

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