Mode of Worship
Thirumangaladudi :

Sooriyanar Koil and Thirumanagalakudi are closely related. Navanayakars did their meditation and offered worship to pranavaradeshvarar and Mangalanayaki.

People who offer worship at Sooriyanar temple have to go to Thirumangaladudi to offer worship there. In early days both places were same and it was called 'Argavamam' before dividing. Both the temples have Erukan plant as 'Thalavirukcha'

Thirumangalakudi Temple is a famous temple. Both Thirunavukkarasar and Thiruganasambandar had rendered songs of lord Siva. Mangalakudi, Mangala Vinayagar, Mangala Nayahar, MangalaNayaki and Mangala Theertham are five auspicious ones in Thirumangalakudi.

“மங்கலக்குடி ஈச​னை மாகாளடி
​வெங்க திர்ச்​செல்வன் விண்​ணொடு மண்ணும்​நேர்
சங்கு சக்கர தாரி சதுர்முகன்
அங்கு அகத்தியனும் அர்ச்சித் தாரன்​றே”

There is a marked difference of worshipping in this temple from other temples, one has to follow the custom of worshipping.

To offer worship at Sooriyanar Temple, one has to reach the Rajagopuram (Main Entrance) and more towards North where Pushkarani of temple is located. One can take bath in the tank or sprinkle holy water in the head as purification.

Next after the bath one has to offer prayers at the RajaGopuram before entering the temple. After entering the temple, one has to turn towards Southeren side where Koltheertha Vinayagar is placed. One has to do the Sankalpam and Archana as Hindus find Vinayagar as turnover of all obstacles.

After worshipping Vinayagar, one has to Climb steps to reach 'Narthana Mandapam' at Northern Side and then more towards 'Sabanayakar Mandapam' where one can offer prayers to 'Urchava Moorthi'.

After Sabanayakar Mandapam one can reach 'Main Mandapam' and offer prayers to SriKasivisvanathar and Smt. Visalakshi.

Next to Main Mandapam, there is Maha Mandapam where Sannathi to Sun-God, there is Guru Bhavan(lord Jupitee) stands there. People do the Archana for Guru and offer prayers to lord Sun. One has to move South wards to come out of Sanctum to reach the lord Saturn (Sani). Lord Kuja, lord Mars are placed separately then more northwards to offer prayers to lord Moon and Kethu. Next movement would be towards west where lord Sukra and Raghu are placed. Finally one has to offer prayers to Sandikeswarar.

After finishing prayers at Sandikeswarar, one has to come clockwise to reach the vinayakar to give final prayers,

“முன்னவ​னே விநாயக​னே முன்வி​னையின்
துயர்​போக, நன்​மை​செயும் நவக்கிர நாயக​ரே
வழிபட்​டோம், நீரம் எங்கள் ​கோள்நீக்கி நிம்மதி​யைத் தா​வேணும்”

After all the prayers are over, one would reach the ThothaSampatnam (flag post) and prostrate before it. Then nine rounds of the temple is a must. After nine rounds again one has to prostrate and mediatate on the nine planets for some times.

While coming out to the temple, one can offer alms to sadhus sitting outside the temple.

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